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3 Social Media Sites That Are Important For Real Estate Agents

3 Social Media Sites That Are Important For Real Estate Agents

There are three website that you should be thinking about listing your business if you’re in the real estate. Those three sites are LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube all for very different reasons. They all serve different purposes but are conducive to the success of marketing your properties online. To make the most out of your online campaign as a real estate agent you need to establish these profiles quickly and use them on a day to day basis. Social media marketing requires participation so when you introduce new information it’s important that you share it with groups and communities on these sites to get responses from like minded people in your profession.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world. With over two hundred million members world wide this is a place where everyone in business wants to share their information. They have communities and groups with like-minded people who have experience in areas that you may find valuable. By joining these groups and sharing information like pictures, video and blog post you can engage these groups in conversations about your content to get get responses from real professional in your industry.
Pinterest is a image and video sharing website. Ranked in the top fifty websites in the world by Alexa, Pinterest can be a great asset to real estate agents getting publicity for their properties by pinning images and virtual tours. To optimize your website with Pinterest for better search results embed the image or video onto your website and then pin the content from your website onto one of your boards.

Youtube is important for real estate agents because this is where they should post the virtual tours for all of the properties that they have for sale. You can also create YouTube channels to categorize the kinds of properties that you have available, listing them by location, city, state, number of garages or the number of bedrooms. When posting your virtual tour to Youtube make sure you keyword optimized the title first and then the description. The title is what the search engines are going to pull up first so make sure that your main key word starts off the title. The description is just as important as the title because the information that you put in the description describes the title to the search engines so for the best results put as much text as you can in there to make the most out of your YouTube advertisement.

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